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Land Use

Tucson, Arizona Land Use Attorneys

Asserting your rights to the enjoyment of your property

Your property loses value when you cannot develop it residentially or commercially as you envision. For more than 40 years, land use attorneys at Stubbs & Schubart, P.C. have fought for the rights of property owners. Whether you are a real estate developer or a private landowner, you have the right to contest any restrictions the local, state or federal government puts on your land use. Contact the experienced litigation attorneys at Stubbs & Schubart, P.C. for your issues involving:

  • Zoning
  • Land lease agreements
  • Plat and subdivision law
  • Clustered conservation subdivisions
  • Deed restrictions
  • Development regulations
  • Floodplain ordinances
  • Native plant preservation
  • Endangered Species Act
  • Permitting
  • Damages for delays in permitting

Opposing good intentions with solid, reliable facts

Land use restrictions, especially environmental measures, are written and passed into law with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, their application often has little basis in reality. At Stubbs & Schubart, P.C., we honor the intentions of good-faith legislation, but vigorously question whether given regulations do or should apply. Our Tucson land lease lawyers actively research your specific situation, spending long hours in the field gathering evidence to construct a compelling case to uphold your rights. If you have lost an economic benefit due to unfair delays, we’ll see that you are properly compensated. While we prefer to settle land use disputes on fair terms, we have a solid record of success in cases we’ve brought to trial.

Creative solutions to the problem of the big footprint

Stubbs & Schubart, P.C. believes that, in most cases, it is possible to have economic and residential development and still maintain the environmental integrity of a given area. Our Tucson land lease attorneys are dedicated to finding innovative and creative solutions that balance preservation with economic growth. If you’re facing community opposition to your land development plans, Stubbs & Schubart, P.C. has the negotiating skills to bring polarized parties together or, alternatively, the litigation prowess to prevail in court.

Contact our skilled Arizona land use attorneys

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